Pembina Trail Preserve Scientific and Natural Area


Pembina Trail Preserve SNA by Katie HawsHabitat: Tallgrass Prairie, aspen woods, wet meadows, willow thickets, marsh and sedge.


Features: This 2,377 acre preserve is one of several spectacular prairie areas near Crookston. This site is owned by The Nature Conservancy and leased to the DNR-SNA Program. It is associated with the Pembina trail, a major ox-cart route that traders used to haul fur and supplies between Winnipeg and St. Paul.


Best Times To Visit: May through September.


Birds To Look For: Sharp-tailed Grouse; Greater Prairie-Chicken; Yellow Rail; Sandhill Crane; Upland Sandpiper; Wilson’s Phalarope; Short-eared Owl; Marsh Wren; LeConte’s Sparrow; Bobolink.


Notes For Birding The Area: Waterproof foot gear recommended. No trails available. Foot traffic permitted. Beautiful wildflowers in summer. Watch for moose.


Contact: Supervisor, DNR Scientific and Natural Areas Program, 500 Lafayette Rd., St. Paul, MN 55l55, 651-297-2357.