Trail Sites

  1. Warroad Marina
  2. Lost River State Forest
  3. Roseau Waste Water Treatment Ponds
  4. Roseau River Wildlife Management Area
  5. Beltrami Island State Forest
  6. Red Lake Wildlife Management Area
  7. Hayes Lake State Park
  8. The Wallace C. Dayton Conservation and Wildlife Area
  9. Lake Bronson State Park
  10. Twin Lakes Wildlife Management Area
  11. Thief Lake Wildlife Management Area
  12. Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge
  13. Old Mill State Park
  14. Agassiz Valley Project
  15. Thief River Falls Waste Water Treatment Ponds
  16. Gully Rice Paddies / Gully Fen Scientific And Natural Area
  17. Pembina Trail Preserve Scientific And Natural Area
  18. Pankratz Memorial Prairie Scientific And Natural Area
  19. Tympanuchus Wildlife Management Area
  20. Burnham Creek Wildlife Management Area
  21. Glacial Ridge
  22. Rydell National Wildlife Refuge
  23. Agassiz Dunes Scientific And Natural Area / Agassiz Environmental Learning Center
  24. Waubun Wildlife Managment Area
  25. Helliksen Prairie Waterfowl Production Area
  26. Hamden Slough National Wildlife Refuge
  27. Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge
  28. Detroit Lakes Wetlands Management District – Marsh Trail And Boardwalk
  29. Dunton Locks County Park
  30. Felton Prairie
  31. Buffalo River State Park / Regional Science Center
  32. Bluestem Prairie Scientific And Natural Area
  33. Pelican Rapids City Park
  34. Maplewood State Park
  35. Anna Gronseth Prairie / Town Hall Prairie
  36. Rothsay Wildlife Management Area
  37. Kettledrummer Prairie / Foxhome Prairie
  38. Breckenridge Waste Water Treatment Ponds
  39. Prairie Wetlands Learning Center
  40. Fergus Falls Lake Alice
  41. Fergus Falls Riverview Waterfowl Production Area
  42. Agassiz Waterfowl Production Area
  43. Orwell Wildlife Management Area
  44. Glendalough State Park
  45. Egret Island Scientific And Natural Area (Pelican Lake)